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It took me 160 auditions and 3½ years to book my first commercial, and almost four years before I booked my first TV show—3rd Rock From the Sun.  The good news: That is where I had my first onscreen kiss.  The bad news: It was with John Lithgow.  Check out some of my nonsense:

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One of the most rewarding acting jobs is voice-over. You don’t have to memorize anything. You are not limited to your appearance. Thanks to VO, this clean-cut, red-haired, shade-seeking Irishman has been able to play a hippie, a gay marionette,

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Back in the olden days, before “blogs”, people used to write for newspapers. I did that as a side gig while pursuing my stand-up and acting career. My first column was for a Cincinnati paper that I used to deliver as a lad. I channeled Charles Kura

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