Wednesday, April 07, 1999

acme_austin99I performed this week with The Acme Comedy Theatre at The Big Stinkin’ Sketch & Improv Festival IV in Austin, Texas. Our six member cast got rave reviews for our shows at Esther’s Pool, and in front of a sold out audience of 1,300 at The Paramount Theatre.

About our first show, reviewer J. C. Shakespeare said we were: “A highly polished, network-ready team… A host of bright young comic actors have emerged from Acme to film and TV fame, and this year’s six-member cast seems ready for prime time as well. Their show, directed by M.D.Sweeney, was a lively blend of cleverly written sketches and finely wrought character work. The acting was excellent, the players all working off each other nicely. It seems this show was a nice tuneup for Acme, who reportedly blew the roof off the Paramount the following night.”

Marc Savlov’s review of our Paramount show noticed my “Magicop” scenes. “…Much better was L.A. troupe Acme Comedy Theatre, whose snappy, goofball antics included an inspired series of blackouts featuring “The Magic Cop,” a witty take on T.J. Hooker meets Bill Bixby’s The Magician, performed by a guy who looked almost too much like Nathan Lane from my vantage point. More Acme, please.”

Okay Mark, thanks for the review. But Nathan Lane? Let’s throw hands!

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