Tuesday, March 20, 2007

microsoftdoorThe voice-overs I recorded for a Microsoft campaign have rolled out. Our cast of six embellished the copy with improvisation.

To see them, go to www.defyallchallenges.com and put your mouse over “Enter the DEV BASE”. Click on “Visual Studio Team System”. You will be taken to a page with a colorful logo surrounded by four moons. Click on the second moon from the left. Click “Watch the Videos” then click on a commercial to play it. We were encouraged to improvise. Therefore, I will naturally take credit for all things funny and say that anything else was already written for me.

I am in six spots: Door (as Doorman), Viral Dance (Mummy), Boss Wars (“Absatively” guy), Team Call (Mummy), Chicken (“SOS on POS” guy) and Rocket (Launcher on Hill).

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