Thursday, June 22, 2000

With the ongoing SAG/AFTRA Commercial strike, and TV shows being on hiatus, things are pretty quite here in Tinseltown. Last week, I went on an audition for an “Industrial” for Toyota. An Industrial film doesn’t air. It is shown “in-house” at Toyota, as well as at auto shows and maybe even in Toyota dealerships.

I auditioned for the role of the town blow-hard, who is always embellishing his stories. Sounds like Jon Lovitz’ liar character Tommy Flanagan? Well it was. Even down to “Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

I auditioned for it. When my agent called me to tell me they liked me and wanted to see me again at the callback, I politely declined. My agent told me that if I went on the callback and did Lovitz’ character, they could expect me to do that once on set. I was not going to steal Jon Lovitz’ character.

A few hours after I declined the call back audition, my agent called to tell me that they understood my position and would like to see me anyway. They took out “That’s the ticket” and changed the character. They booked me to play the part, which I shot his week. It always feel good to stand for what is right AND still win!

Once on set, the one day shoot turned into a star-studded four day shoot. Greg Kinnear, Cheri Oteri, Kevin Nealon, Jack Palance & Dana Carvey all played parts in “Wild, Wild Toyota”.

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