Thursday, January 30, 2003

HondaOdometer_web328,536. That is the mileage I had on my 1986 Honda Accord DX before a fender bender totaled it in 1999.

Like a good hustling actor, I used to write to Honda’s ad people, keeping them apprised of my running total. I thought my story of the stand-up comic traveling the good ole US of A would be PERFECT for a commercial. I thought wrong. All I probably did was make my way into some special file on potential weirdoes.

Well, they must have purged me from that group of “Hondaphiles”, because today I recorded a radio commercial for them!

It was touting the Honda Classic golf tourney. I play the befuddled office worker who is asking his boss some big-time official office type questions. My boss is answering in golf terms because all he can think about is the upcoming Honda Classic.

Jeepers, I can really boil the funny out of something by describing it, can’t I? Yes, because this is a funny spot!

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