Thursday, February 14, 2002

I started acting today on Ted Danson’s CBS series “Becker”.

In this episode, I have a couple scenes with Ted. I guest star as a patient who has twisted his ankle playing basketball – or so I say. During our first scene it is revealed that I actually fell off a pair of my wife’s stiletto pumps!

In our second scene, Ted is ribbing me about possibly being a cross dresser, as I leave.

We shot the show on Wednesday the 20th before a live studio audience. Our scenes got big laughs. I was very excited about getting tape of this for my reel!

The show aired and they had too much show. They cut a few scenes, including my big scene with Ted, leaving the other one with me walking out the door telling him “Hey, get off my back!”

Tim Berry, one of the bigshot writer/producers called to tell me that they hated to cut my scene, and that they will try to get me back next season. That’s a nice consolation. I guess that’s what happens when you are the “D” story!

By the way, The “Becker” set is one of the most friendly and enjoyable ones I’ve even been on. Ted Danson was just another actor on the show. The cast and crew were all equal. No egos.

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