Sunday, October 14, 2001

One day back in high school I was leafing through the “Alumni News”. I came a cross a blurb about an alumni about 20 years my senior. His name: Jay Moriarity. He was a TV writer and executive producer for “The Jeffersons” & “Good Times” and many others. I contacted him and we have kept in touch over the years.

Jay is pretty much retired from TV now, and is a professor of the sitcom class at USC in downtown Los Angeles. It’s an amazing program! Jay is the Writing professor. Tony Carey, from Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, is the Production professor, and Peter Bonerz (most famous for being Jerry the Dentist on “The Bob Newhart Show”) is the Directing professor. The class writes, directs and produces three full half-hour sitcom episodes each semester. The sitcom, “Common Ground” is set in a college student union (actually the old “Newsradio” set).

Jay asked me to play a part in the new semester’s first episode. No doubt that my portrayal of “Charlie the Snorter” will put me over the top for a lifetime achievement award in something. We taped tonight. Once again, no one saw my injured foot.

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