Sunday, March 04, 2001

I shot my 37th on-air commercial. This one was for Pepcid Complete. In it, I am vacuuming out my pig-sty of an SUV. Basically, it’s a dumpster. A motorized dumpster.

Amongst the half-eaten hotdogs, pizza, french fries and other indigestion-causing foodstuffs, are thousands of Tums or generic antacids (depending up on which version they use). I vacuum up so many of these tablets that the car wash vacuum explodes.

In the spot, (an unseen trap door opens above me and) I get showered, as I sit underneath my open sunroof, with the contents of a couple 10 gallon buckets full of tablets and powder.

The moral of the story is: With Tums and/or any other brand, you need to take a lot of antacids throughout the day. But with Pepcid, you only need to take one.’

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