Saturday, August 18, 2001

Tonight was “Opening Night” of the new sketch comedy show by the Main Company of The Acme Comedy Theatre. “Acme In The City” would go on to get rave reviews. Since this is not the Acme Comedy Theatre website, I’ll mention my mentions:

“There are clever performances, especially the understated work of Chip Chinery.”
– Hoyt Hilsman, BACKSTAGE WEST

“Chip Chinery has his innings as a well-meaning motivational speaker, circa 1953, whose ‘advanced’ notions of political correctness are rudimentary, to say the least.”
– F. Kathleen Foley, L.A. TIMES

“(ACME AND THE CITY)… is a very funny sketch comedy show that displays both the prodigious talents of the performers and M.D. Sweeney’s artful direction. In ‘Off Color Commentary’, Bill Kessler offers up a hysterical impression as George Carlin, a last-minute replacement for Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. Joining Chip Chinery (Al Michaels) and Jamie Kaler (Dan Fouts), Kessler delivers some of Carlin’s funniest riffs, turning the show into a shambles.”
– Jim Crogan, LA WEEKLY

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