Monday, February 05, 2001

I shot an episode of “For Your Love” this week. It is a sitcom on The WB starring Holly Robinson Peete. I played landlord “Mr. Arledge”. The role was a “Guest Star”. In TV sitcom parlance, that signifies a bigger part than a line or two. They also need you to be there all week, as opposed to a day or two.

The order from smallest to largest is “Co-Star”, “Guest Star”, “Series Regular”. I got very familiar with this kind of ladder over the decade I spent touring the country doing stand-up. In that world, the pecking order grew from “MC & Opening Act” to “Feature” to “Headliner”.

In most cases, in both stand-up and acting, those who book the talent want to get as much bang for their buck as possible. Who doesn’t? And just like a stand-up who wants to move up the ladder from “Opening Act” to “Feature”, an actor has to start turning down “Co-Star” work and hold out for “Guest Star” work, on the way to being the “Headliner” and “Series Regular”.

I realize that I’m at that point in my acting career. In fact, I turned down a “Co-Star” audition for this very show last December. They gave me an opportunity to show that I was ready to “Guest Star” for them. I came through with flying colors and booked the show!

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