Friday, October 31, 2003

One of the greatest things in the Screen Actors Guild contract is that an actor must be flown first class if a flight to a job is required. Today I boarded a flight to New York City, along with Sid Caesar and Jack Valenti. They pretended to not know who I am. I played along. We respect each other’s privacy that way.

I was going to The Big Apple to shoot a commercial for Sierra Mist – my new favorite carbonated non-alcoholic beverage!

I got to my hotel room at 8pm and found out that the call time is 6am Saturday. Factor in the three hour west coast time difference and not much sleep was going to be had.

In the commercial, I am a bagpipe dude, complete with kilt, playing in a parade. It is a very hot and sweaty day. Our leader notices that Wallace is missing. We discover that he is standing over a subway grate catching a cool breeze up his kilt, ala Marilyn Monroe. Sierra Mist is refreshing like that. I think that’s how the line goes.

Jon Reep is one of the bagpipe actors as well as Kevin Farley. The three of us know people on Saturday Night Live, so we went up there after dinner to see the show. Kevin is Chris Farley’s brother, so he knew the people that got us upstairs without waiting in line. I like those people. We hung out backstage. It was interesting how the atmosphere was just like any sketch show I have been a part of. The difference of course is that I am used to playing in 99 seat theatres and this is being done in front of millions.

The lack of sleep hit us hard around midnight and we headed back to the hotel. The hotel, by the way, is about 500 yards from Ground Zero – the former World Trade Towers. It’s just as well that we turned in. We had to get up at 5:30am on Sunday. GEEZ! I usually go to bed at that hour (2:30am on my body clock).

I finally had some time to see a couple friends for dinner on Sunday night before flying back on Monday. This time Ubermodel Angie Everhart was on the flight.

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