Friday, June 01, 2001

It has been very slow lately in the world of commercial auditioning. Because I’m a number cruncher, I know that I usually average an on-camera audition once a day. That means over any given three month period I would audition for 60 different products. But in the three months since March 1st, I’ve only had 22 auditions.

There is much speculation as to why there has been a slow-down. The most popular theory is that possible strikes by Writers (May 1st) and TV & Film Actors (July 1st) have left advertisers not wanting to make new commercials for repeats during summer and fall programming. The Writer’s strike was averted. Hopefully the Actors will come to an agreement about the TV show and Film contract. As you may recall, we went on strike last year for six months over the Actors’ Commercial contract. Couple those theories with the slower economy and I’ve got some free time!

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