Friday, August 27, 1999

I got a part in the new movie “Space Cowboys”. Clint Eastwood is directing. It stars Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, James Garner and Tommy Lee Jones. They play Apollo astronauts who now have to go back into space current day because they are the only ones who know how to fix some old technology.

So, after I recorded the “Crash Bandicoot” CDROM, I zipped down to the location at the old Boeing plant in Downey, California for the shoot.

On set, I was introduced to Clint and Donald. Donald started running lines with me. Having read the shooting script for that day, I recognized what he was saying as the scene before the one I was in.

He said his line. I said, “Uhhh, I’m not in this scene.” They started laughing. I said, “No, seriously, I was hired for the role of the ‘Technician’ and this is ‘Tom’.” They laughed. Clint laughed saying, “I want to film this (the snafu).” Donald said, “Just answer me if I ask you a question.” They were totally cool and laid back.

One of the production people said, “Didn’t they fax you the script?” I said, “Yes, but I’m supposed to play this other part.” I could almost hear the wailing and gnashing of some assistant’s teeth.

Anyway, I knew the role of ‘Tom’ was funnier and twice as long as the ‘Technician’. I said, “It’s not a problem, I can do it. It’s just that I’ve never seen the lines before.” While they set up the shot, I looked over my lines.

We came back and shot it. The scene was just me getting some advice from Donny Sutherland. It was SO cool to be hanging with the big boys.

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