Friday, August 03, 2001

I shot a bit/sketch for “The Tonight Show” that is scheduled to air next week. In it, Jay asks the audience, “Who is against cloning?” They cut to the audience and a smattering of applause. Then Jay asks them, “Who is in favor of cloning?” They cut to the audience and there are about 20 of me applauding like a jackass. You see, I must like cloning, because I… Oh, never mind.

For those of you who are regular watchers of the lantern-jawed, late-night laffer (I stole that from TV Guide), you will be able to see me on this evening’s show in the “America West” sketch.

You see, while I was standing around waiting to do my “cloning” sketch, they asked me if I wouldn’t mind standing around in line in the other sketch. I explained to them that I am Chip Chinery, Dammit! I don’t do tiny roles!!! They said, “We’ll pay you as much as we are for the other one.” SOLD! Papa’s got a mortgage, ya know.

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