Friday, August 01, 2003

I shot an independent film today called “The Old Man and The Studio”. It is a funny short about what Ernest Hemingway might have to go through if he came to Hollywood in present day to get one of his works made into a movie.

This almost did not happen. Since the writer-director is a good friend of mine, I opened my big yap and told him that I am glad to do it, but if some big job came my way, I’d have to take that. Having done a dozen or so independent shorts, I know that this is the way indy films work. I quickly realized that it is an unspoken rule for a reason.

My buddy was not familiar with this practice since he is usually involved in big stuff that pays real money! I could not commit fully and felt it my duty as his friend to make him aware of this potential problem. He did not feel comfortable and recast my part.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways. I was not working today. The big job did not come in for me. My phone rang at about noon. It was my friend. The guy he’d cast to replace me had just called him. This is less than an hour before he was due to arrive on set. You guessed it, the guy bailed on my friend. Not even for a job, but for a commercial callback audition.

I drove to the location, looked at the script and we shot it.

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