Wednesday, December 06, 2000

I shot a commercial for Domino’s Pizza. I’ve played a Martian and a mango, but this is my first role as a dad. I am in it for a few seconds “enjoying” a slice of pizza and just having a ball with my 8 year-old redheaded daughter. She’s “enjoying” a new cinnamon stick. I let Bad Andy carry this one. Hell, it all pays the same!

We did 37 takes. It’s important and also somewhat difficult to make the cheese stretch out just so — NOT snap off! I consumed the first 20 (1-2 bites per take). Then they called “Lunch”. Oddly enough, I wasn’t hungry. Once back, I decided to use the bucket instead of eating any more ‘za. I’ll have you know that the little girl was too embarrassed to do that. So as you watch, know that she consumed the equivalent of upwards of a dozen of those cinnamon sticks.

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